The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)

The Art of Vulnerability

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)What has vulnerability done for you lately?

I’ll be honest, this whole social media stuff scares the living daylights out of me. My anxiety has been over the roof since I started and I always feel like I’m not doing enough. There are days when I wake up and question my sanity. I question my willingness put myself on such an open platform, sharing bits of myself with the world. With complete strangers I may never come face-to-face with. But each day I choose courage over fear and allow myself to be fueled by my love of creativity and writing, I am rewarded tremendously with new opportunities and perspectives.

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)As humans, I believe that we’re all here on this planet to become the truest expressions of ourselves. Learning how to be more vulnerable with myself, with other people and especially through social media has changed my life. I was raised to believe that I should always hide myself and my weaknesses from those external to my kin. In doing so, I rarely revealed much of myself to friends and family. I blanketed my struggles and weaknesses in order to maintain an image of strength and make others believe that I was well built.

Connecting to my raw and vulnerable truth and pouring it out into the world through words, photos and videos has been essential to my inner healing. Making room for vulnerability in life has been the most liberating and healing work I’ve done for myself.

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)

Here’s are 10 things vulnerability has done for me lately:

1. Strengthened my mental and  emotional well-being

2. Established me as a leader

3. Taught me and continuously teaches me more about my strengths and truths daily

4. Given me the ability to exercise creativity on my own terms

5. Become a part of a larger community, with a redefined purpose

6. Connect/Meet so many amazing girl bosses across the globe

7. Explore and secure opportunities I never imagined possible

8. Helped to inspire change and provide encouragement to others

9. Changed my I can’t into I can

10. Reminded me that I am a badass

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)

Bloggers: Shantel Rousseau (ShantelRousseau) and Monica Awe-Etuk (AwedbyMoni)

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist (1 of 1)

Blogger: Alma Rex-Ezonfade (TheAlmaChronicle)

During my recent trip to Toronto, I got the opportunity to meet and connect with these awesome women. The conversations I had with each of these women and the vast knowledge and advice gained toward the industry would not have been possible had I not taken a chance and simply put myself out there. Vulnerability I tell ya!

So let me ask you, what has vulnerability done for you lately?

The Art of Vulnerability | The Jeneralist

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  • This post just helped me so much. I’m a new blogger and I too have had anxiety when it comes to this social media thing and since I’m such a private person I couldn’t have ever imagined that I would be here. Vulnerability has been so hard for me over the years but I’m opening up and sharing a little of myself with the world because I do have something to offer ?. Thank you for your vulnerability on speaking on being vulnerable. I can totally relate!

    September 19, 2018