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Our Virtual Gender Reveal / Baby Shower

I think the one thing we can ALL agree on is that 2020 has been one for the books – and that is putting it very lightly!

I haven’t spoken much about my experience being pregnant during this pandemic because truthfully, other women have done such tremendous jobs at voicing thoughts and expressions on my behalf.  I haven’t come across one mother-to-be or mother that has not shared a sentiment on the pandemic that I failed to resonate with. A quiet but faithful reminder that despite our individual journeys, we’re really all in this together

I understand that each woman’s journey to and through pregnancy is uniquely different but this pregnancy was one that completely blindsided me. Not the conception of the pregnancy itself because this was something we prophesied, prayed and planned for (Amen!?) but the actual journey through it. Things just didn’t fall into place like I had envisioned and at one point it seemed like we were piling on the challenges one after the other. I’m a planner by nature and had some elaborate ideas I wanted to execute for this pregnancy. From my maternity shoot to my baby moon, baby shower, gender reveal & even birthing classes, my idealized accounts of this pregnancy were never realized because well … COVID. 

Despite the curveballs COVID had thrown our way along with the constant lethargy from the onset of my third trimester, I decided that I would still move forward with a gender reveal and continue focusing on the things I felt were in my control. This meant that I would approach the reveal with the same robust energy I would’ve given the occasion had it been in person because we still had plenty to celebrate. And celebrate we did!


About a month prior to the reveal, I created a registry online through Buy Buy Baby and sent out digital invites along with the zoom details for the shower. I knew the silver-lining to having a virtual baby shower/ gender reveal was the fact that we would get to gather and celebrate with loved ones from far and near, in one virtual space at the same time. Our guests were spread across the globe from Nigeria, Ghana, Amsterdam, America & Canada – many who also also stood witness with us on our wedding day.

What an absolute blessing!

I had been looking for the perfect opportunity to tap into the magic of Fairy Sweet Carts & wasted no time reaching out to her to create a neutral balloon arch in the living room which served as a backdrop. I ordered what I thought would be the perfect dress (Spoiler: It didn’t arrive in time) and placed a small order of curated treats from Milk & Cookies Bake Shop to commemorate the event. Strategically planned on Reggie’s birthday, I figured that it would be a special way to celebrate his quarantine birthday with some of his closest friends and family in attendance and purchased a cake disguised as a reveal cake. I even ended up DIY’ing the reveal balloon in a last minute arts and crafts project to achieve the neutral vibes I was aiming for.

Virtual Gender Reveal | The Jeneralist
Virtual Gender Reveal | The Jeneralist
Virtual Gender Reveal | The Jeneralist
Virtual Gender Reveal | The Jeneralist


It would be remiss of me to continue on without acknowledging my sisters (Isoken + Ameena, love you ♥️) for their assistance in making the shower/reveal a success. Although I took pride in planning the physical aspect of the event, there is absolutely no way things would’ve come together without their coordinated efforts. Amidst their busy schedules, they took the time to map out an activity filled agenda to keep guests interactive + entertained and did such wonderful jobs hosting and managing it all virtually. For this reason alone, Reggie and I were able to truly remain present and enjoy each joyful moment for what it was. Including a planned ambush which involved some cake, an embarrassing video and a collective ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-a-long at a moment that took Reggie by absolute surprise.

Despite the shortcomings of the season, I am so grateful that we were still able to share and celebrate our excitement as we prepared to welcome our precious

B A B Y G I R L !!!!

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