Step Into Your Power | The Jeneralist

Stepping Into Your Power

Step Into Your Power | The Jeneralist

Step Into Your Power | The Jeneralist

Step Into Your Power | The Jeneralist
“Everything that is sleeping in you. Wake it up..”
– Nayhirrah Waheed

I don’t remember when it clicked, but it did. The notion of knowing vs. owning my strengths and letting them guide me. Making the decision to finally step out of my head and into my power.

For as long as I can remember, I was that girl who would shun the compliments received from others in light of successes or major accomplishments. Despite overwhelming evidence of my achievements, I was often haunted by a lingering sense of fraudulence. You know? That not-so wonderful feeling of Imposter Syndrome? I had developed a tendency of discrediting my accomplishments in fear that I was less capable than others believed. Eventually, I also got comfortable with blanketing my talents and strengths in the name of humbleness and hesitated to speak up and share opinions in fear of judgement. As a result of this, I was bullied and ridiculed often and came across people who felt that they had power over me.  To these people I say this: that was then… try me now.

Following today’s sermon from Pastor Steven Furtick, I felt compelled to share this message. In many ways, this post is my testimony and marks the beginning of greater things to come.

My growth over the last 4 years has been phenomenal. Through my faith in God, my daily affirmations and continuous journey of self-improvement, I’ve come such a long way from the timidity that once plagued my teenage years.  I am confident. I am redeemed. I know what I bring the table. I know my power. I know my strengths and most importantly, I am firm in my beliefs and values.

For anyone who may be going through their own season of doubt, battling insecurities or currently ridden in fear … I leave you with this song.
Sing it. Speak it. Declare it. And let it piece you whole like it’s done for me so many times.



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