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Spring Forward With A New Pace

It’s been over a month since I last updated my blog, almost 3 weeks since I posted on Instagram and over 2 weeks since I picked up my camera last. In that time, I have managed to garner more strength and confidence in myself professionally than I have in the last 6+ months and made enormous strides to secure the future of my career (and that bag!). In order to accomplish this however, I’ve had to (forcefully) make room for growth in order to set myself up for success… even if that meant temporarily pushing my beloved passion(s) to the side.

Like many others, I started the year off on an energetic front. I had the best intentions for my blog, almost drowning in eagerness with all of the creative ideas I could not wait to execute. At one point, it was not enough to just talk about these goals/ideas, I practically screamed them out to the world from the top of my lungs. I’m someone who is very ambitious and achievement oriented, so when I set my mind to something, I want to achieve it as quickly as possible. Although I’ve come face to face with many achievements by taking this route, it’s not necessarily the best approach.

Flow with, not against yourself.

A New Spring In My Step | The Jeneralist
A New Spring In My Step | The Jeneralist

Pace Yourself …or Burnout

Three months into 2019 and your girl is tiredt!

Ironically enough, one theme that has stood out (even though I kept ignoring it) and continues to stand out for me is the importance of pace. The idea of moving and maintaining a speed in life that is steady but still sufficient to achieve and/or exceed all of the various goals that my heart so truly desires. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right?

The fact of the matter is that I tend to go into overdrive, screening all other parts of life until whatever overwhelming task I have at hand has been completed. At which point, I’ve stressed myself all the way out, preceding an inevitable crash and burn.

One positive is that stress and overwhelm are natural responses to challenge and are often the very things we need to push us to either come up with solutions or take ourselves away from certain situations. I’ve come to realize that rising to the challenge can sometimes mean disengaging with what you need to in order to re-evaluate and/or realign your priorities. In this case, my absence was not about backing/running away from it all, instead, it was a necessary step I had to take in order to weigh in and assess the situation from an external standpoint. The biggest lesson in doing so? Simple: Pace yourself, or burnout.

With all of that said, I’m springing forward with a new pace and a clearer mind. I’m giving myself the time, space and grace I need to reach the goals I’ve set out for myself by acknowledging and working within my given capacity and executing the ideas that I want through small and consistent actions.

Salt & Straw Ice Cream at Newstand in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles
Salt & Straw Ice Cream at Newstand in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles

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