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A Little Self-Reflection In The Jungle

Self-Reflection In the Jungle | The Jeneralist

Self-Reflection: Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

This was arguably one of the busiest summers of my life … and please believe it came with its own set of challenges along the way.

While in Tulum with my husband last week, I sat down to do a little self-reflection. During this process, I came face-to-face with a very important question: What did I do this summer? A million things raced across my mind as I attempted to piece scattered and incomplete thoughts into sensible points, but I got nothing.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I did stuff.

I delivered a handful of projects at work. Shot a few engagement sessions. Worked. Shot a wedding. Worked. Put my photography portfolio together. Worked. Traveled to Victoria, BC. Worked. Learned about cinematography. Worked. Read 3 good books. Worked. Planned a bridal shower. Worked. Attended 2 major weddings. Made money. Spent money. Lost money. Poured into everyone and everything around me … and you guessed it, I worked some more.

Self-Reflection In the Jungle | The Jeneralist

Hit Reset: S L O W  D O W N

My mind and body were in constant motion, barely taking any time for self-care. My gratitude journal collected dust on most days, I ate junk as a result of the limited time I had given myself to prepare wholesome meals and barely got any sleep in the process. I had completely neglected my body/health and could barely keep up with the never-ending to do lists I would create for myself daily. When it finally caught up, it took a life-changing meltdown for me to realize that I had been racing through life like a land animal (a cheetah to be specific) and was in need of some much needed R&R.

When your bones are tired of carrying everyone else’s problems, and when your lungs are tired of breathing life into other people, return back home to yourself for a while. shift your energy back inwards. reunite with peace again.Billy Chapata

Self-Reflection In Tulum |The Jeneralist

Self-Reflection In the Jungle | The JeneralistSelf-Reflection In the Jungle | The JeneralistI couldn’t be more grateful for the timing of this trip because it gave me the opportunity to relax, strategize and refuel for the last 4 months of the year. It gave me time to reconnect with God, myself and my life partner and allowed me to find appreciation in all I’ve accomplished through the year. It refreshed my creativity and put my accomplishments into perspective. This trip gave me time to slow down and find healing. It gave me time to breathe.

Believe me, I understand first hand how quickly life passes by when you’re consumed with the motion of daily living but it’s important to take a step back during it all to reflect. I’ve made a promise to myself to be more intentional and schedule time for reflection moving forward, regardless of how busy I am.

Have you taken time to reflect lately?

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  • Nneoma

    Wow, this resonated with me deeply. Thank you so much for sharing and for the subtle reminders to cater to our inward beings as much as we do those around us.



  • This was such a good read, Jen ❤️ I screenshotted the part where you listed what you did this summer because I felt it so deeply too. We’re all doing all this “stuff” but not enough of cultivating for ourselves.

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