How Thinking Differently Can Set You Apart

I’ve heard for decades that one can either only be left-brained or right-brained; meaning that one side of your brain is more dominant than the other. I’ll admit that I’m often over-analytical and methodical in my thinking, which would insinuate that I’m more of a left-brain thinker, but I would say that I take pride in nurturing my creativity and use my right-brain just as equally. I think this has been my defining edge and what sets me apart from most. Coupled with my social awkwardness, I was often told that I was a ‘weirdo’ through my teenage years and early adulthood. In fact, people still call me weird to this day but I’ve taken it on as more of a compliment when I hear it now.

I recently finished reading a book by Daniel Pink titled ‘A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brained Thinkers Will Rule The Future’.  In the book, Pink suggests that the future belongs to inventors, artists, creative storytellers and holistic “right-brain” thinkers alike whose skills and ability to think differently give them an advantage over the masses.  It sets them apart and determines whether they’ll get ahead in their professional ventures or in their personal advancements.

Benefits of Thinking Differently

Benefits of Thinking Differently | The Jeneralist

Thinking differently allows you to see things differently.

Imagine being in the same room with 20 different people from all walks of life; each with their individual talents, experiences and perspectives.  You’re all given a task to photograph elements of the space you’re in and submit 1 image in summary.  Of the 20 photographs submitted, how many do you think will be identical to yours?  Although you’re all in the same space, the chances of creating identical images will be very thin. Of course you’ll have similar elements in your photos because of the singularity shared between the common space, but aspects like angles, composition, perspectives and interpretation from each person will differ. Your results will be unique to you because you simply see things differently.

Thinking differently sets you apart from the masses.

Where’s the fun in mimicking everything you see being done in the world? What’s the point of striving to be exactly like someone else? Copying outfits, locations, captions and even pose details down to a T? Right. there is absolutely no fun in that – it’s just plain ‘ol boring and unoriginal. You have a mind, body and life of your own … use it to your advantage.  There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from images you come across but what sets you apart is your ability to take what you need from said inspiration, think of how you can execute differently and make things your own.

At the end of the day, it’s said that there is nothing new under the sun.  I’ve pondered on ideas for months without sharing with a single soul and can go online one day and see that someone completely unrelated to me has executed the same idea down to the T.  Sometimes even better than I may have initially imagined.  That’s when you put your thinking cap back on, devise a strategy and find more creative ways to set yourself apart from the rest.

Benefits of Thinking Differently | The Jeneralist

These examples are more present in your everyday life than you think, and especially in the realm of social media. You see influencers from all walks of life visiting the same places, attending the same events and even buying the same clothing items. What sets them apart however, is their ability to create and capture images of their unique stories using their unique perspectives … regardless of the shared spaces that they are in.

One person that continuously blows my mind and captivates her audience with EVERY.SINGLE.IMAGE produced is Tezza Barton. Regardless of what room she’s in and the common spaces and/or campaigns shared, her work never fails to stands out.

Benefits of Thinking Differently | The Jeneralist
‘Insta Style’ by Tezza Barton | @tezza | Taken on my iPhone 8+

Over the last year, I’ve made it a priority to increase my human capital by learning at least one thing everyday that sets me apart and advances me further in every aspect of life.  Using both my right and left brain hemispheres, I learn new things daily by reading books, listening to thought-provoking podcasts and through conversations with mentors. Through creative action (ie; watching YouTube tutorials then going on to apply what I’ve learned), I put myself in a position to continue growing and finding ways to set myself apart daily. That’s my slight edge.

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