Finding what is essential to our lives has become more and more difficult as the world becomes more distracting. The same tools that we use for productivity have become the same means used to pacify us and distract us from what is essential. Access to more has never been easier in our this age of information, now

It's been over a month since I last updated my blog, almost 3 weeks since I posted on Instagram and over 2 weeks since I picked up my camera last. In that time, I have managed to garner more strength and confidence in myself professionally than I have in the last 6+ months and made enormous

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Salt & Straw Ice Cream at Newstand in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles

A New Spring In My Step | The Jeneralist

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I've heard for decades that one can either only be left-brained or right-brained; meaning that one side of your brain is more dominant than the other. I'll admit that I'm often over-analytical and methodical in my

"Everything that is sleeping in you. Wake it up.."- Nayhirrah Waheed I don't remember when it clicked, but it did. The notion of knowing vs. owning my strengths and letting them guide me. Making the decision to


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