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I’ve been overly joyous of late amidst the whirlwind of activities life has sprung forth. It’s LITERALLY been one thing after the other, sometimes negative, but somehow I find myself smiling fervently through it all. I’ve taken unapologetic breaks from social media every now and then to focus on other aspects of life which almost always yields me high returns. This time around, I started a photography business. More on that later.

Back on topic. I don’t know, maybe it’s the change in seasons. The green grass growing where frozen snow banks and piles of ice once formed. Maybe it’s the emerging of newly formed leaves and the flowers in bloom, reminding us of the return promised of spring. Maybe it’s the change in temperature and the sun shining daily on my skin. Whatever it is, my joy has remained unconfined and my effervescent spirit unsuppressed.

What Makes You Happy? | The Jeneralist

What Makes You Happy? | The Jeneralist

What Makes You Happy? | The Jeneralist

I cherish days like these more than anything because I know, much like any other thing in life, this is not guaranteed to last forever. I have a wealth of content I’m super proud of to share with you all but here I am, ignoring my non-existent content calendar and skipping through all of it to share my happiness with you.

What Makes You Happy? | The Jeneralist

While reading Gabrielle Union’s book, We’re Going To Need More Wine, I became inspired by her initial inability to draft a list of 10 things that made her happy.  With a little help from her life coach (yes, even Gabby has a life coach!), she successfully came up with a list of 10 things a few months down the road.  So I challenged myself to write down 10 and ended up with more than 50!  I’ll spare you guys the details though and only share 25.

So, what’s on my current happy list? Here are 25 things (in no particular order):

  1. Seeing genuine smiles on the faces of my loved ones
  2. Hearing the word of God
  3. My husband’s singing/voice
  4. Taking pictures (lol, seriously)
  5. Cuddling with my dog
  6. Practicing gratitude
  7. Helping someone
  8. Spicy plantain chips
  9. Learning something new
  10. Genuine friendships
  11. Making it through a tough workout
  12. Good food. Like really really good food!
  13. Completing a task
  14. Dancing!
  15. A clean home
  16. Fresh flowers
  17. Vanilla Bean Frappacino’s, light on the whip cream with a drizzle of caramel
  18. Saving money
  19. Stealing meat from the stew/soup pot without getting caught
  20. Travelling to new places
  21. A long, therapeutic bath
  22. Finishing a good book
  23. Sade and everything about her.
  24. Fitting into old clothes
  25. Getting 8 hours of sleep (or more!)

Carrying out this exercise was therapeutic in so many ways.  If you haven’t already, I would highly suggest drafting your own happy list.

What’s on your happy list? Share in the comments below.

What Makes You Happy? | The Jeneralist

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  • J.J.

    Good to know!

  • Vera

    Lol I should do this
    Make a happy list
    Thanks Jen!

  • I enjoyed reading this and love how you pointed out even small things that we often forget bring us happiness. Thank you

  • Lovely list!!! Can relate to so much. This is a great post idea 🙂


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